She's in love. The guy straight ahead makes her feel like the luckiest girl ever alive. He plays our favorite song and we remind each other of the amazing moments we've had together. This guy does not only talk but also acts and nothing is more attractive than words with actions. I open the first... Continue Reading →

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First of all I take this chance to say thank you to the almighty God for touching the guy's heart, who allowed me to work at his pharmacy. Anyway on the 13th DEC 2017 at 8;13am today my day began at the pharmacy. I got there 13 minutes later than I should, got there the pharmacist... Continue Reading →

We finally met😊.

"I can't wait to see you" he says I'm so excited that I even don't know what to say to him....  I clear my throat then say "me too" It's been long since I've seen him and he's been on my mind for the most part of my days. I have been preparing for this... Continue Reading →


I loved you. I treasured you so much.. I thought i had the duty to always make sure you are okay... I always had to make you smile, you seemed so nice... I respected you, I admired you But you made me feel that all i did was stupid. Trying to make you feel like... Continue Reading →


what is wrong? what is going on in this world? Nothing is the same anymore. not that i have been here for the longest time possible but WHAT IS WRONG? Relationships are not working anymore, because all people want is sex, rebound, mask themselves and a bunch of other crappy stuff that people actually get... Continue Reading →

I saw you… 😧

I saw you at privee westi when we decided to go out after a long tiresome week.. You decided to call her so she could join us I was cool with it. But I saw you. I saw the way you look at her with such admiration.. She's pretty and has some pretty curves that... Continue Reading →

It’s the little things Guys do.

This is quite a complicated topic and my view would probably be different from yours. This topic came about yesterday after I was viewing snapchat stories and some guy asked if a guy should give a girl money and after how long?. First of all the guy is the provider and I'll not dispute that... Continue Reading →

The Gifts….part III

I get home and everyone is looking at me in a weird way, and there's some awkward silence till my mom asks " how was it" It was okay mum I reply shyly Then I notice everyone is looking at the big bag I have, I ignore them and walk straight ahead to my bedroom... Continue Reading →

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